20.10.2011. International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer: CHT-12

  • Датум одржавања 01.07.2012.
  • Организатори University of Bath, Bath, England
  • Место одржавања University of Bath, Bath, England
  • Вебсајт http://www.ichmt.org/cht-12

Dear Colleague,

 Attached please find an announcement of the next ICHMT symposium.

It is:
 "International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer:
 CHT-12", to take place at the University of Bath, Bath, England, on July
 1-6, 2012 with the co-sponsorship of the University of New South Wales,
 Sydney, Australia.

 Attached is a flier, A4 format double sided, which will be convenient for
 you to print and distribute to colleagues. Also attached is a slightly
 larger flier, 21 x 40 cm, which can be distributed by email and contains a
 little more information. Finally, full information may be found on the
 symposium website http://www.ichmt.org/cht-12.

 Abstracts are now invited, and should be submitted by email to
 cht12@unsw.edu.au preferably by mid-November.

 We invite you to circulate this announcement to all your colleagues and
 contacts with an interest in computational heat or mass transfer. We ask
 you to encourage them to submit the Expression of Interest form which is
  on the website, to assist in our planning, and of course we ask you to submit
 the form also, and look forward to seeing you in Bath next July!

With best wishes,

Dr. D. A. S. Rees, Co-Chair
Dept. of Mech. Engineering, University of Bath
Tel: +44 1225 38 6775 Fax: +44 1225 38 6928
Email: D.A.S.Rees@bath.ac.uk

Em. Professor Graham de Vahl Davis, Co-Chair, School of Mech. & Manuf.  Eng,
University of NSW
Tel: +61 2 9327 5706 Fax: +61 2 9327 5710
Email: g.devahldavis@unsw.edu.au

Tugba GUN
Executive Secretary,
Email: ichmt@ichmt.org



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