28.04.2023. 8th METTI Advanced school on Thermal Measurement and Inverse Techniques

Dear Colleague,

   Attached please find the flier of the “8th METTI Advanced school on Thermal Measurement and Inverse Techniques”, to be held in Oléron Island, France, from Sep. 24th / 29th, 2023. It is co-sponsored by the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT).

   Detailed information is available on the website, https://metti8.sciencesconf.org. Please feel free to distribute this to all interested parties.

   With best regards,

   Ilker Tari

   Secretary-General, ICHMT


 Dear fellow scientists and engineers,

If you are interested in at least one of the following questions in your heat transfer activities, then you are, perhaps unknowingly, dealing with inverse problem in heat transfer, taught at the 8th edition of METTI school https://metti8.sciencesconf.org  (Thermal Measurements and Inverse Techniques (*)): 

A heat source exists at a location inaccessible to the measurement. What corresponding information can I get from remote measurements ? Can I estimate all the parameters of my thermal model with a single experiment?

How to design the ideal experiment to identify the thermophysical properties of my material?

The thermal model of my experience is too time and memory consuming, how can I reduce it?

All these questions are related to inversion of thermal measurements: looking for the causes responsible for observable consequences measured by a thermal signal. Since a direct model links causes and consequences, the complete inverse approach requires to consider the triptych Measurements / Model / Inversion. So, good practices in temperature measurement with or without contact (thermocouples, IR thermography, …) and also in heat flux measurement are required. Similarly, understanding measurement noise and optimizing the number, position and time rate of sensors are key points to consider. Other related topics include : 

Model: parsimonious parameterization, calculation and analysis of model sensitivities, model reduction, convolutive models, white / black box models, ARX models,

Inversion: criteria of measurements vs model deviations and their minimization, regularization of a poorly conditioned inversion, linear / nonlinear estimation, Bayesian estimation, confidence in estimated parameters. 

All these aspects will be discussed during courses and tutorials sessions at the METTI 8 school, from Sept. 24 to Sept. 29, 2023, in “La Vieille Perrotine village” on the beautiful island Oléron, the second largest island of Metropolitan France. Participants will handle the whole inversion process from measurements to estimation of the unknown quantities through a series of tutorials lying on multitasking place overseveral sessions. The METTI 8 program is available on the website https://metti8.sciencesconf.org/registration 

Pre-registration is open. The school is intended for PhD students, post-PhD, academic and industrial people aiming at discovering or improving their practices in inverse heat transfer.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as auditors to the 8th session of the METTI school !

For the local committee (Evry University): Yassine Rouizi and Olivier Quéméner
For scientific coordination: Denis Maillet (University of Lorraine) and Jean-Luc Battaglia (University of Bordeaux) 

(*) METTI (Mesures Thermiques and Inverse Techniques) is the French acronym for ‘Thermal Measurements and Inverse Techniques’.